Epoxy floor coating / Hard floor maintenance

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Freshen up concrete floors with a hardwearing two-pot epoxy floor coating. Our coatings can be either clear or pigmented. Lighting in warehouses and factories is greatly improved by having a high gloss finish on the floor. We also provide low cost dust proofing coatings for warehouses. Whether architecturally specified or for purely practical purposes, we have a range of finishes suitable for both old and new floors.

We prefer water-based epoxies that leave very little smell or fumes. This allows work to be done at any time while people are still in the building. These products are suitable for chillers, pharmaceutical manufacturing areas as well as entranceways, corridors and offices. Several schools have chosen our epoxy coatings as a low maintenance alternative to vinyl or carpet. The product stands up well to the school environment and provides an acceptable level of slip resistance, even when wet.

We have a number of coating options depending on budget, environment and desired effect. We are more than happy to meet you on site to discuss the best option for you.

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