Industrial scrubbing

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Warehouses, factories and car parks need periodic scrubbing. Dust control in warehouses and factories starts with a clean floor. Our automatic scrubbing machines can turn a dirty, greasy floor into a clean fresh looking environment. Our operators use not only the machine, but also mops and buckets to get to any places the machine can't get to. The more dirt you can remove at source, the cleaner your work environment will stay. Once clean, our regular scrubbing service can maintain your floors in pristine condition.

Regular scrubbing in warehouses and factories can assist in controlling dust and dirt that is deposited on your stock. Keeping your floors clean is the first step in managing stock cleanliness.

We operate 24/7 so can arrange a time that suits you with the least interruption to your business. We are also available, on call, for flood relief in the event of major spills and floods.

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