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Have you ever wondered where all the perspiration goes? You will be amazed at what we clean out of even the cleanest looking office chairs. Would you wear the same pair of trousers every day without cleaning them? Most upholstery fabrics clean up exceptionally well. Often dark patches on arms, that at first glance appear as worn, are in fact dirt and will clean out with our intensive cleaning process. Once cleaned, we recommend the application of Soil Guard fabric protector to help reduce fading and keep chairs looking great for longer.

Office chairs are best cleaned at night or over a weekend. They are generally dry ready for use the following day. We suggest you name the chairs to avoid them getting mixed up during the cleaning process. Where possible we will clean them at your desk.

The process we use cleans deep down into the backing of the fabric. We use a sanitizer to ensure your chair is returned cleaner and fresher. Colours brighten and the fabric will feel softer. We find that staff feel like they have just been given a bonus when the boss authorizes the chair they sit on every day to be cleaned. Often we can give you a firm price over the phone, but if you prefer we are happy to come to you and write out a firm quote on the spot. Have a serious think about fabric protection also. We know from experience, that the chairs we clean that have been protected, in the past, tend to clean up better and last significantly longer.

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