Vinyl polishing

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Commercial vinyl is made to be polished. This is a sacrificial coating designed to wear off over time, protecting the vinyl underneath. Our polish system provides a high gloss finish that can be maintained simply by buffing. The polish coating protects the vinyl and makes cleaning easier and more effective. New vinyls need polishing too. Often they are finished in the factory with a thin coating offering protection in transportation and laying. Once installed this factory coating should be stripped off and replaced with a durable polymer coating, that will give a long lasting high gloss finish.

The finish we recommend will depend on the environment and the type of use the area gets. We have chemical resistant finishes for high spill areas and low maintenance finishes for areas that are unlikely to be burnished regularly. All the products we use and recommend come with slip resistance ratings that meet or exceed the current standards. We are able to offer a high gloss wet look finish with high slip resistance.

A properly polished floor is easier and cheaper to maintain. Dirt will not stick and is easily mopped off. The products used, are designed to be buffed to remove scratches and black marks, ensuring that this process will greatly improve the look of the floor and help the finish last longer. We are able to offer a regular buffing surface or we can coach your existing cleaners to maintain the floor correctly.

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