Anti microbial treatments

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When you or your family suffers Asthma or allergies you owe it to yourself to do everything possible to minimize your risk of these debilitating and potentially life threatening conditions. Anti-Microbial treatments are applied after cleaning and are designed as a long-term bacteria and dust mite control. The product bonds to the fibres with a coating that will not support bacterial growth. Most modern upholstery foam and some carpets are treated with similar products at point of manufacture. Now you can enjoy the benefits of this treatment as an after market application.

Anti Microbial Treatment is bacteria static meaning it creates an environment in which bacteria cannot grow. If there is a food source present, some warmth and some moisture, bacterial growth is phenomenal. Food stains on carpet are an example of this. Most food stains appear black even though the original spill may have been milk for example. The black is mould or bacteria.

Anti Microbial Treatments can also assist in the control of dust mites. Dust mites have been identified as a trigger to allergies and asthma. By cleaning the soft furnishings in a home and applying anti microbial treatment you are doing all you can to control these little critters that can have a big effect on peoples lives.

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