Carpet cleaning

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  • Oxygen boosted cleaning system as we use in Hospitals and five star hotels now available in your home
  • All stains treated FREE
  • Carpets deodorized FREE
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We will clean your carpets using the same proven oxygen boosted cleaning system we use in hospitals and five star hotels. Our carpet cleaning system is based on good old-fashioned hard work. We use a multi stage preparation procedure to gently break down dirt particles into an easily removable form. We then use a powerful extraction machine to flush the dirt from deep within the pile leaving it softer and fresher. We treat all stains free of charge and move your furniture as we go. Your carpet is left dry enough to walk on. You may consider Soil Guard carpet protector to help resist stains and keep your carpets looking fresher and cleaner for longer. Book now and you will get our deodorizing and sanitizing treatment FREE.

Carpets are the most expensive fixture in your home, yet you walk all over them. They absorb dirt and dust, skin flecks, hair and if you have pets... Carpet acts like a filter trapping dirt and debits. This can become airborne as you walk on it causing problems for Asthmatics. Vacuuming removes some of the dirt but it is much like sweeping a hard floor, every now and then you have to mop a hard floor! Carpets are the same. Every now and then, usually every 12 to 18 months, you need to have them professionally cleaned.

Carpets that are professionally cleaned will
  • Look Better
  • Smell Fresher
  • Feel Softer
  • Be More Hygienic
If you have young children, pets or both, you need to have your carpets cleaned more regularly. This will make them healthier, look better and last longer.

How We Clean

We use exactly the same system to clean your carpets as we use in hospitals and hotels. Its an old fashioned but very effective cleaning process we developed to make sure every carpet is cleaned the very best it could be.

Firstly we move furniture around to clear as much of the room as we can. We apply a cleaning solution that soaks into the carpet and emulsifies the dirt and starts breaking down stains. We then use a machine we call a buffer that is an electric brush. This machine loosens the dirt from deep down in the pile and mixes it with the cleaning solution. Once this is done we use a specially designed machine to jet a rinse solution deep into the carpet and suck out the dirt and cleaning solution under a very strong vacuum.

Our system


We apply a concentrated cleaning solution to all carpets to emulsify dirt and stains. This gently breaks down dirt allowing us to remove it.

Stain removal

All stains are treated using our range of specialized products and techniques. Although we cannot guarantee total removal of all stains, at the very least we can lighten them.


We use an electric brush machine to work in the prespray solution and un-mat fibers allowing us to clean deep down in the pile.


A high-pressure extraction machine is used to spray a rinse solution into the carpet then extract by high performance vacuum. This flushes dirt and odours from your carpet leaving them clean and fresh.

Why Our System Works Best

We have gone back to basics employing old-fashioned concepts in the cleaning process. Rather than relying on chemicals and machines to do all the hard work, we use people. Well trained, well presented good wholesome people who will do the very best they can to clean and refresh your carpets and upholstery.

We will attend to all stains as we go. Not all stains are removable but we have special techniques and products to remove most household stains. We apply a carpet sanitiser with the cleaning solution to ensure your carpet is left clean and healthy.

What To Expect

We make carpet cleaning stress free and simple. Our technicians will move furniture but we will normally go around bookshelves, wall units etc, unless you are able to empty them to make them movable. It is always appreciated if you can move ornaments and small items. Supplying our technicians coffee and freshly cooked scones is not necessary (but definitely appreciated).

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