Fabric protection

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Get more value from cleaning by protecting carpets and fabric with Soil Guard. These specialized products provide an invisible barrier to dirt and stains. Dirt and spills can be easily wiped up from protected fabric and carpet. Soil guard won't stop your furnishings getting dirty but it will make them easier to clean thus extending their life and your enjoyment. Red wine, food even cordial can be quickly and simply wiped off a protected suite. Carpets protected with Soil Guard show better soil resistance in traffic areas and better release of stains in cleaning.

Soil Guard Fabric protector also includes a UV Filter that helps protects your fabric from the harsh effects of the sun. Lounge suites protected with Soil Guard tend to fade a lot less thanks to this amazing product.

Soil Guard Carpet protector works in a similar way to the fabric protector by bonding to the carpet fibers to form a barrier to stains and soiling. The protector slows the uptake of spills into the carpet and allows easier removal of stains and spills.

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