House washing

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The cleaner you keep it the longer it will last. Road film, dust and dirt, traps moisture, which in turn supports algae, lichen, moss and mould, all of which are unsightly and prematurely degrade your paintwork. A gentle house wash once a year will keep your property looking good and extend the life of your paint and surfaces. Our system involves the application of a soft wash that is gently brushed where needed and flushed away with a high volume water rinse. Windows are left sparkling and paint work clean with our gentle but effective system. Once clean you may wish to apply Slippery Path Cleaner to your walls and paths to help slow the onset of algal growth.

The soft wash cleaning solution contains an effective green algae killer particularly useful on the south side of buildings and houses. This enables a simple clean rather than an aggressive water blast. This cleaning solution means we use less water that is great for the environment. The cleaner itself is environmentally friendly and gentle on plants.

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