Mattress cleaning

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Sometimes it pays not to think about what lies within. Mattresses are designed to pull moisture away from our bodies as we sleep. But where does it go? We can not get right inside your mattress to clean it's core but we can effectively clean and sanitize the fabric and padding you sleep on. We use a similar process to upholstery cleaning to ensure the fabric is flushed and sanitized. Mattresses are left slightly damp but dry within a few hours. Once cleaned you may wish to have them treated with Anti-Microbial treatment or Soil Guard fabric protector.

Staining on mattresses can often be difficult to solve. We have a number of treatments that can assist in the reduction of stains that are used as standard in our cleaning process. The very nature of a mattress is to absorb moisture away from its surface that often traps stains making them almost impossible to remove. Our cleaning process involves a deep clean and sanitizer that will remove dirt and leave your mattress cleaner and fresher. We highly recommend antimicrobial treatments for mattresses and in situations where staining is regular you may wish to consider Soil Guard Fabric protector.

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