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No one enjoys sharing their dinner with flies because you never know what they are sharing with you. Our safe and effective fly treatment coats the surfaces in your home with microscopic pyrethrum crystals that are absorbed into the insect on contact. Once absorbed the future is short for the fly but better still the products have a repellant effect as well. Although it is near on impossible to prevent flies from entering your home, take comfort in the knowledge their visit will be short lived. Our insect treatments are safe, odourless once dry and very effective. You no longer need to continuously pump aerosol insecticide into your living environment.

We have a variety of treatment options depending on the type of insects you have and the environment. Our fly treatment is specifically designed to control flies but will also control a variety of other species. If your specific concern is spiders, cockroaches, ants or other types of insects we can provide a specific treatment to company that type of insect.

Although our treatments are safe to use in homes we take safety and environment concerns very seriously. The following is important information to ensure an understanding of the products.

Our aim is to offer the most effective and safest pest control services. Please take a moment to read the following safety information.

Before Spraying

Remove or put into a closed cupboard:
  • Tooth Brushes, face cloths & towels
  • Toilet Paper
  • Kitchen utensils, toasters, jugs etc
  • Food items including fruit
  • Baby clothing and toys
Cover all:
  • Pillows & bedding
  • Fish tanks (use Gladwrap)
Remove all:
  • Birds and pets

After Spraying

Stay out of the house for at least 3 hours. On your return, ventilate the house by opening doors and windows. As a precaution, allow the house to air before children and babies return.

Wipe down all cooking surfaces with a mild bleach solution. Wipe any surface or object that is likely to have contact with skin within the next 24 hours - i.e. toilet seat, fridge door handle etc.

The product used is safe and approved for use in homes and is harmless to humans when dry. Some people experience short-term skin irritation if exposed to the product in its wet form.

The product works by drying to fine crystals on all surfaces, which are absorbed into the insect's nervous system on contact. The insects need to contact the product for it to work. You may find that after a number of warm days and nights the product may appear less effective. It will become fully active after a brief temperature drop.

Household insect treatment systems are a pest control system. It is impossible to totally stop flies and other insects from entering your home. This product will greatly reduce insects of all types and will kill all insects that contact the product.

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