Slippery path cleaning

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Cheap, Gentle and Effective - who could ask for more? Slippery Path Cleaner is an algaecide product that when sprayed on exterior surfaces kills moss, mould and lichen, allowing them to erode naturally over time. Slippery Path Cleaner has fantastic penetration properties, so it soaks into concrete rapidly to kill the entire root structure of algae and lichen. Once dead, the rain will gradually wash it away, leaving a cleaner brighter surface. Slippery Path Cleaner has a long-term effect as it is slowly released over time when it rains, helping to delay future re growth. Slippery Path Cleaner is a gentler option to Waterblasting that does not damage the surface. With Slippery Path Cleaner we apply it and you get to see the results.

Once applied be prepared to wait. You will not see an immediate result and may not notice the effect within the first few weeks. As time goes on the surface will become cleaner and cleaner, sometimes taking 6 - 9 months. The real advantage is it is gentle. It doesn't remove the fines from the concrete and will not stain. Slippery Path cleaner is ideal for maintaining paths and driveways. It is used extensively throughout schools to keep paths and driveways safe. Use it on wood, painted surfaces, concrete, garden furniture etc. The advantage with Slippery Path Cleaner is that we do all the spraying for you. Our technicians will apply the product wherever you need it so you can get on with enjoying your time.

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