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You'll be amazed what a difference we can make. Your lounge suite acts like a filter absorbing airborne dist and allergens as well as perspiration, hair, skin flakes dirt and grime. Our gentle cleaning solutions and fabric conditioners release these contaminants from the fabric, allowing us to flush them out with our high performance upholstery cleaning machines. Your lounge suite, footstools and dining chairs can be cleaned, sanitized and deodorized in your home. They are left damp but dry within hours. Colours will be brighter and the fabric will feel softer and refreshed. You can keep your suite looking like this for longer and help prevent fading and staining by using Soil Guard fabric protector with UV protection. Book now to have your five-seater lounge suite to be cleaned and protected, and get 6 dinning chairs cleaned and protected FREE.

The upholstery cleaning process is similar to that used on carpet. A cleaning solution is applied to the fabric that emulsifies proteins and general soiling. This product is gently worked into the fabric and allowed to dwell while stains are attended to. The fabric is then rinsed using our extraction machine that sprays a rinse solution deep into the fabric and backing and extracts it under vacuum. The cleaning solution used includes a sanitizer and deodoriser to ensure your upholstery is left cleaner and fresher.

Most upholstery fabrics respond well to cleaning. Colours tend to brighten and the fabric is left softer. After cleaning upholstery is left damp and will usually dry with in hours. It is a good idea to plan not to sit on the suite the night of cleaning to ensure it is completely dry.

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