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Sometimes it needs to happen and it needs to happen now. Our powerful water blaster is capable of the toughest jobs - concrete paths and driveways, fences and most other surfaces. We water blast schools, industrial buildings and homes. Once it's clean, you may wish to keep it that way for longer with our specialized algaecide product Slippery Path Cleaner. This can greatly extend the time between Waterblasting, saving you money and protecting your surfaces.

Our water blasting equipment utilizes high water flow to flush dirt from the surface. Water blasting by nature is an aggressive treatment and we advise caution in selecting this process over our more gentle options. Sometimes it is a necessary evil and a way of getting an immediate result. Ideal for fences, paths and driveways. Waterblasting will make an immediate difference. Whilst we are there you may also request we run our drain cleaning attachment through your storm water drains to clear minor blockages and flush silt and other contaminants from the drain.

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